Gaza Protests

July 6, 2018, Southern Gaza Strip Protests

Gaza Great March of Return protests continued on Friday as the state of Israel’s army killed one protester and wounded hundreds. The fact that these protests have continued past their May 15, 2018 culmination not only demonstrates the Gaza Palestinians’ determination and resolve but also their great suffering.

The suffering is so immense that tens of thousands of people every week risk their lives by demonstrating close to a border that features one of the most powerful armies in the world, an army freely and unconditionally supported by the United States. The siege of Gaza that began in 2007 has been ongoing for more than a decade, but the Palestinians of Gaza have been suffering immensely for GENERATIONS, since their expulsion and concentration in the strip during the 1948 war. For generations, Palestinians in Gaza have been dealing with food shortages, electricity cuts, water shortages, etc. as a result of Israeli policies.  For generations, the Palestinians of Gaza have not had anything near adequate electricity, water, food, and housing. Their reality is a reality that is unrecognized by the Israeli political elite. When will they take responsibility for Palestinian suffering? When will they consider taking care or reaching a just agreement for those that they have wronged?  Instead, the Israeli elite carries on with autopilot expansionism: such as promoting the 2017 US recognition of Jerusalem as the state’s capital, continuing to settler-colonize the city’s environs, demolish Palestinian villages, as well as colonize the rest of the West Bank, disregarding Palestinian needs. With the state behaving in this manner, both unwilling to grant Palestinian statehood as well as Palestinian equality, then how can there ever be peace and justice?

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