The military occupation is an elitist imposition

Professor Yael Amitai

Many in the media describe the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a clash of two warring peoples, “an ancient feud”, and ascribe peace efforts that bring the two peoples together as integral to a potential peace agreement. The reality is that the conflict is an imposition of state elites and global interests that regard Zionist military might in the region as a priority eclipsing human interests, Palestinian dignity, and peace. I can discuss this topic in length but just as an indicator of the top-down nature of the system, we have the recent removal of a top Israeli scientist, Professor Yael Amitai, from an important conference due to her signing of a petition in support of ‘refuseniks’.  Refuseniks are those Israeli citizens that refuse to serve in the occupied territories for humanitarian, moral reasons.  The blocking by the science and technology minister of her appointment happened today. Ohad Yehezkeli, the minister’s media advisor, explained that the reason of the denial was her signing of the petition. This event demonstrates how military and other interests, through the state apparatus, punish and threaten those who oppose the settler-colonization of the West Bank.  Ministers use the tools of the state to demonstrate to the public what happens to those Israelis who decide to take a stand against Palestinian oppression.

This event also demonstrates the absurd amount of power Israeli ministers hold. Israeli law does not limit or adequately regulate the power of ministers, who therefore have an absurd amount of leeway in making decisions.  The reality results in absurd discrepancies in the state’s support of Palestinian citizen vs. Jewish citizen public education. Ministers use this leeway to promote openly racist and Zionist policies which hurt the Palestinian citizen population (let alone the West Bank and Gaza Palestinian population). Here we have a government minister outrightly saying that he blocked an appointment to a conference based on a petition signature, without fearing lawsuit or government reprimand. One of the major problems with the Israeli Zionist state system is this lack of adequate law governing and regulating ministerial power.  More information about the appointment denial:

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