Basic law: Jewish nation-state

Late Wednesday July 18, 2018 the state of Israel’s parliament passed the “Nation State of the Jewish people” basic law, essentially explicitly defining the state of Israel as a state purposed to serve one ethnic/religious group: “the Jewish people”. Of course, in practice, the state of Israel has been existing for the benefit of the Jewish people since its inception. But this law cements this status in law, making it almost impossible for that principle to be challenged by the state’s Supreme Court and its citizens. The passage is an attempt by the ruling parties to advertise themselves as properly conservative and “pro-Jewish” in the eyes of an Israeli public that is hawkish and, according to many native observers, racist. The bill passed with a 62-55 vote and a basic law cannot be overturned except by parliament majority. Some things to take away:

  1. The state of Israel does not have a constitution. The basic laws act as its constitution and have never been challenged by the Supreme Court, much like the amendments are unchallenged by the US Supreme Court.
  2. The basic law establishes Jewish self-determination as the only self-determination legal in the state. Thus the approximately 20% of its citizens who are Palestinian cannot have self-determination. Of course, let’s not mention the military subjects in the West Bank and Gaza. So, the law establishes what has already been going on in practice: the promotion and establishment of Jewish communities, Jewish immigration, Jewish education, and the active suppression of Palestinian citizen communities, suppression of Palestinian immigration even as a result of marriage to Palestinian citizens, and the active neglect of Palestinian citizen public education.
  3. The bill, like the Zionist declaration of independence, defines the state as belonging to the Jewish people (this is a global population). Quite uniquely, the founders and legislators continue to make the state serve people like Woody Allen and Ben Stiller and actively discriminate against and repress native non-Jews.
  4. The bill is another step towards fascism and racism as defining pillars of the state. Palestinian citizen legislators have long fought for redefining the state as a “state for all its citizens”. This bill is the exact opposite of that.  This bill is another piece of bad news.  Please comment below.News article:
    Ahmad Tibi:

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