Insightful BDS long read



The Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement is a non-violent campaign begun by Palestinian (and Israeli) civil society, with the aim of applying economic pressure on the state of Israel in order to secure Palestinian civil, political, and human rights for Palestinians. The movement takes inspiration from the successful BDS campaign against apartheid South Africa, which ended up dismantling its apartheid system and establishing a democratic state with equality for all.

Palestinians have used countless tactics for the past hundred years in order to achieve sovereignty, equality, and democracy.  Little has worked but there is hope with BDS because it’s a movement through which the whole world can apply economic pressure on the Zionist state and its military occupation.  Whether the result of this movement is one-state democracy, a binational state, or two states, remains to be seen.  But there is no doubt, that it is the best Palestinian weapon against Israeli colonialism, apartheid, and occupation, which is unceasing and ever-growing, irrespective of Palestinian actions. Interested in joining the movement? You can start by boycotting products made in the occupied West Bank on this list.

The long read in the Guardian here.

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